Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Depot update

posted Tue, 20 Jul 2004

When I got to Home Depot last night, I looked and looked for the Toro replacement spool. There were two displays of spools next to the trimmers. No Toro. I finally found a clerk. He was reading the warranty on a lawnmower, but finally acknowledged after I had been standing next to him for half a minute. I was a little annoyed, but got over it when he explained he was working with another customer who wanted to exchange this mower but that he would try to help me at the same time.

When I asked about the Toro spools, he walked me to the appropriate section, which was across the aisle and kitty-corner to the other spools. Why did they have these in a completely different section? Why weren’t all the spools displayed together? Maddening. Their merchandising strategy is completely wrong.

The only redemption I will grant Home Depot is that the guy at the Returns desk let me check out there instead of directing me to the long, self-service line, although he did say, “Woman, go get in that line,” when I started to whine.

When I got home, I discovered – and this is the embarrassing part – that I wasn’t out of line at all. Had I just lifted the spool out of the trimmer, I would have seen that the line had merely broken, not run out.

The good part is that while I was figuring all this out, my neighbor was cutting all the weeds and grass that flourish between our two houses, so I didn’t have to do it.

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