Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because that's what boys do

Westminster Abbey. We didn't see the inside of the church because it was already closed. We might have paid the £15 apiece to go in, as that is the only money the church gets for maintenence, but not for just a few minutes. You can get in free if you are going to worship. A woman told us, "Just tell them you are going inside to pray and you get in free," but that seemed tacky.

Somewhere in the back of the Abbey, where we walked in as the gates were being locked behind us. We were the only ones walking around. The guard eventually found us, told us they were closing, and said, "But just walk out slowly. No rush."

This is not France. Your dog is not welcome everywhere.

Me: Deb, why does the toilet have two buttons for flushing?

Deb: One is for less water. You know, if you just take a wee.

Deb's 7th-grade son: I always press them both.

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