Friday, September 11, 2009

Don`t tread on me

posted Fri, 30 Jul 2004

Don’t nobody mess with me today. I am in a cranky mood. I had last night’s post all ready to go – had even written it Wednesday because I was going to be at the alumni party last night – but when I got home from work and went to upload it, I couldn’t get onto the internet. I don’t know what was wrong – I tried again this morning at 5:15, thinking it would be easier to connect at a slow traffic time, but no luck.

I think part of the problem might be that they have upgraded Lotus Notes here. My work computer was upgraded this week and I think the same message has been sent to my home computer (an old work computer that I use for checking emails if I go home after an offsite meeting rather than returning to the office). Anyhow, those sorts of things aren’t done well on dialup, so what I need to do is run home and get the home computer and bring it here to plug directly into the network. I should have thought of this at 5:15, but surprisingly, I was not thinking that clearly.

This computer problem came after a series of other frustrations. Remember the teal silk suit with the fringe where the cleaners ruined the skirt? Well, I made a new skirt – replaced the ruined part – with the fabric from the pants that came with the suit. I didn’t like the pants anyhow – they were that style that hugs the bottom of the butt, which is not a style flattering to most women over the age of 17.

So I had made a new skirt and the suit was once again wearable. Then I got a tiny little spot on the jacket! Better to get it cleaned, I thought, but I took it to the expensive dry cleaners – the ones who charge $15 for such a jacket. The idea was that they would remove the stain and not destroy the jacket in the process.

Well. Not only did they not get the stain out, but in their efforts, they removed a lot of the teal dye. So now I have a little red spot in the middle of a light patch. The guy at the cleaners said, “It looks like the color was coming out.” I told him it was there when I brought the jacket in – that they were the ones who had messed up. Then I asked if I have to pay when they don’t fix it. To his credit, he said no. To his demerit, they returned my jacket in worse condition than it was!

This frustration followed a fruitless morning at work. I had arranged – for the second time – a meeting with Trish and Bert. Now, when I call a meeting, I don’t invite everyone and his brother just to fill the room. I ask only the people I need to get the information necessary to take action. I don’t like meetings – I don’t want to waste my time or anyone else’s time.

I had scheduled a meeting with these two folks a week earlier. Trish’s calendar was open. But she never responded to my invitation (she is very bad about that). I emailed and called and finally reached her that morning. She was on vacation! Why didn’t you block your calendar, I asked? We all live and die by Lotus Notes calendar, so she should know better.

So I rescheduled. She accepted. I prepare for the meeting – go to the room – Bert is there. Trish is not. We wait. We wait a little more. Finally I give up. I send her an email: “Please do not accept meeting invitations from me if you do not plan to attend! If I invite you, it’s because I need you!” I don’t want to be too harsh because she is a friend, but dammit, this is not professional behavior.

She emails back – wasn’t on her calendar. I send her a print screen showing the invite and her acceptance. She writes back, “Well, I’m sure Bert was able to give you what you need.”

No! He wasn’t! If I only needed Bert, I wouldn’t have invited Trish! I have been trying to get to the next step of this project for months. I need Trish’s input. But I have decided I am just going to make the decision myself. If she doesn’t like what I choose, too bad. She had her chance.

And I’m hungry. But I shouldn’t be because I ate like a P-I-G last night at the BBQ.

This is not going to be a good day. It might even be a three-chocolate day.

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