Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The fall of the capitalist socialist food co-op

posted Wed, 11 Aug 2004

According to what I heard on the gym TV, Amber Frye let Scott Peterson pick her daughter up from school before their third date. At first, I was bothered, thinking Amber hardly knew the guy. But then I heard that she had slept with him the same night she met him at a bar. I realized that after that, they were definitely on close enough terms for her to let her daughter get alone into a car with a man she had never seen before.

Next issue. Just because it takes me forever to figure out how to post photos on this site (and I had the help of three other journalspacers) does not mean I am complete technical or mechanical idiot. To wit: the last time I had my oil changed, the mechanic said I should get a tuneup. I asked what a tuneup cost and what it entailed. $59.99 and they replace the spark plugs.

At, depending on the brand and the type, sparkplugs for a 1994 Toyota Corolla cost between $1.95 and about $5.00. I would need four of them. I think. Six at the most. That’s at the most $30 in materials and I bet this place doesn’t use the $5 plugs.

What else? I asked.

We inspect other things.

Is that it?

No – we set the timing.

Forgive me if I sound like a complete idiot, but isn’t setting the timing part of replacing the spark plugs? Isn’t that sort of like saying you would put new tires on a car and oh, as part of that service, you would also put air in them?

I think this is something I need to ask Harpo to teach me how to do. I’ll make him a few key lime pies in compensation.

Next point. The Sincere Leftist Food Co-op near my house has gone out of business, which is really a shame because I liked having a place nearby where I could buy bulk goods, like flour and nuts and spices. Apparently, good intentions were not enough – no meat, only organic dairy and produce – especially when you consider that they were right around the corner from the greengrocer who has the best prices and the best produce in town and that this is not a vegetarian-friendly city (a BBQ parlor on every corner). I guess not many people were willing to pay extra for items that they could get elsewhere, no matter what their politics. In the end, rational people vote their own self interest. Adam Smith got that right.

They took down all the political posters in the window, including the “No blood for oil” and “Zapatista coffee” ones. There is one sign left, though: a bold, daring statement articulating an extreme position that is sure to cause great debate.

“Stop rape.”

Yep, those pro-rape forces are going to get mighty peeved by that one. Are the Sincere Leftists just trying to cause trouble? Don’t they know how controversial an issue that is? Every day I hear angry arguments between the pro-rape and the anti-rape factions. Isn’t that one of those etiquette rules – that you don’t discuss politics, religion or rape at dinner parties?

In 20 years, they will all have started their own companies, gone public and become hugely rich, just like the ‘60s tie-dye to silk guys.

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