Thursday, September 24, 2009

Groupie therapy

posted Sun, 15 Aug 2004

Here’s another good thing I learned yesterday. If you are going to take fresh squid home with you on there plane from Miami to New York, put it in your carry-on luggage, not in the checked bags. If the airline misplaces your bags, the squid might have gone bad by the time it gets to you. And the airline is not obligated to pay to replace the squid. These are the interesting things you learn when your boyfriend works for an airline.

Harpo’s band played Friday night for the first time in two months. I had every intention of going, but despite the imitrex and the shoes, at 7:30 pm, I was still too headachy to go out. I knew that cigarette smoke would not help the situation, either.

It’s kind of weird being a groupie. I don’t have the right clothes. Yes, I have the black leather miniskirt, but it’s too warm for that yet and it’s a lot of work to wear it. I am not one to hang out at bars, and neither is Harpo. Neither of us drink. He smokes, although not around me (and I wish he would quit). I don’t like staying up late. This is something that causes some friction between us as Harpo doesn’t go to bed until the wee hours – sometimes, right before I get up. If I don’t have the alarm set for earlier, I awake when the sun rises. I don’t like it – I wish I could sleep later – but that’s just the way my body works now. Must be those farming genes. Point is that for me to get enough sleep, I need to be in bed nine hours before sunrise.

When I do go to hear them play, I sit by myself at the bar. No drink. No cigarettes. Nothing to occupy my hands or to make it clear that I am not there to pick up men (not that I am so worried about having to beat them away with a stick). The hardest part is that it is – sorry, Harpo – kind of boring to sit and listen to music alone for hours, even when it is the really good music that the Snake Doctors play (don’t even ask about the name – it was not my idea!).

My solution was to take a book and read between songs or while they were getting set up. But Harpo didn’t like that at all, which I can understand. Even my hairdresser, Geri, whose husband is a musician, was appalled. “Oh honey, no!!! You cannot sit there with a book!” She did go on to say, though, that it is not necessary to attend every gig. “Do the girlfriends and wives of the other band members go every time?” she asked. When I told her no, she nodded her head sagely. “After a while, you stop going to every one. After I’ve spent all day on my feet, the only thing I want to do is go home and sit on the couch and play with the dogs.”

I guess what I need to do is to go infrequently enough that my attending is cause for rejoicing as opposed to an absence being cause for dismay. I don’t think I will ever get my groupie badge -- unless I become a groupie for a band that doesn't have Harpo in it because then he could sit with me and I wouldn't be bored. (To hear some of their tunes, go to Snake Doctors)

On another subject – I have been seething about Buck and this confiscated computer. It finally struck me that I could have my boss’s boss (not my boss, who would not stand up for me if the Inquisition were coming) tell Buck’s boss to give me the computer. But then, as I was about to fall asleep last night (this is when all my best ideas come), I realized that I am friends with the VP of IT for the entire company! If anyone has the power to make Buck give that computer back to me, Bob does. I sent him an email outlining the business case for letting me have the computer. Cross your fingers.

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