Sunday, September 27, 2009

The law of the sea

posted Mon, 23 Aug 2004

Silent Whispers (and probably others, but she actually sent me a note) had not heard of the German cannibalism case. Here is a link to the CNN story for those of you who do not spend inordinate amounts of time at work goofing off on the net.

If you want to read a novel where this issue is addressed, get "Ahab's Wife." Also, the books about the Donner party are fascinating.

I'm really not into gruesome stuff -- I am just a voracious reader.

Here's a quick story -- my friend Joanne took the bus from Chile to Argentina. The busses in South America show movies to entertain the passengers. (The also have bingo games, which is annoying.) On this trip, they showed "Alive," which would not have been my first choice for the crossing of the Andes.

PS I looked for some photos of cannibals, but they were all too gross -- except for the German guy, who looked perfectly ordinary -- someone you would see at work or in the post office. The banality of evil.

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