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Shoes – chocolate for the feet*

posted Fri, 13 Aug 2004

This day started out crummy and is getting worse. I put on my new swimsuit this morning. The place I had been buying from for almost seven years went out of business, so I had to find a new store. But every time I searched on ‘swimsuit’ on the net, my company’s site police blocked me out. I finally found a swimsuit place that didn’t have the word “swimsuit” in the URL and where I could get grab bag suits, which are past season suits that you use just for practice. The big attraction of grab bag is that you pay about $20 a suit rather than $70. You order by size and take whatever color they send.

Well. The color of the suits I got was fine, but the cut – oh honey. The back is really open, with a sharp angled corner that cuts well into my hipbones. Why is this a problem you ask? Because it squeezes all my back fat out! The suit is like a mini-extruder, pushing back fat off my body. Instead of a smooth, lean silhouette, I am now lumpy. It is not a good look.

Then I got to work and realized that I had a nasty sinus headache. I have only myself to blame, though. I ran out of histavent, my sinus medicine, on Wednesday but didn’t bother to pick up the refill until today at lunch. I have had to take 100 mg of imitrex this morning in 25 mg bits (that’s $20 of drugs, in case you are wondering) and the headache is just now going away.

Another thing that is making me cranky is that I have now gone 41 hours without white refined flour or sugar. Sometimes I can convince myself that the scale is creeping up because I am working so hard at weight training, but even I am not that gullible. I have decided that perhaps some diet modifications might help loosen those skirts.

But the worse thing to happen today is that my home laptop computer got confiscated. A few years ago, the company replaced all the IBMs with Dells. I managed to keep an old IBM so I would have something at home to do email, etc, on the weekends. Mostly etc. Well, I got a virus and the only way to have it fixed was to bring the computer to work. My friend KC was going to pick it up and fix it, but someone else – and intern – got it instead. When he saw it was an IBM, he called Buck, the IT monster for my division, and tattled. Buck called me and with obvious glee told me that he would not be able to return the computer to me.

“This is a company asset that we no longer support. You can ask your manager to buy you a new one.”

Yeah, right. I have a perfectly good laptop here at my desk – I just don’t like going through the hassle of lugging it from office to home. I can’t see asking my boss to spend $2,000 just because I am lazy.

Buck is getting his revenge. When they installed some new version of something on all the computers this winter, I had asked that they take my computer while I was gone on vacation and that they have it back on my desk when I returned.

Well, Buck took the computer but didn’t bring it back. He didn’t have all the information he needed from me, he explained. I was so livid to return to work after a week with no way to work that I called his boss. I had made it perfectly clear what I wanted done and when they reviewed the notes, they found I was telling the truth.

Buck has been waiting for this. Jerk. I’ll never make any brownies for him.

To console myself, I did what women have done for time immemorial. I went out at lunch and bought some new shoes. They are high-heeled slides – two pink straps each with pink beads on them. I have no idea where I will ever wear such beauties, but it makes me feel better just to own them and dream about the possibilities.

*Thanks to Cathy Guiswhite for the great line. It's the title of one of her books.

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