Saturday, October 31, 2009


posted Wed, 03 Nov 2004

Everyone asks what I learned in the cooking school in Italy. Here is the big secret: For things to taste good, they have to contain fat. Butter, olive oil, bacon grease, lard. The form doesn’t matter, it just has to be fat. Throw away all that fake ice cream and light junk and get the real thing – and eat smaller portions. Better to have a little bit of something really good than a bunch of something yucky. A little bit of fat won’t make you fat.

The Crysal Sugar Company has not figured this out. At the grocery store last night, I saw a four-pound bag of Crystal Sugar that was “fat free!” The company’s website proclaims, “Our naturally fat-free CRYSTAL SUGAR has been a flavorful part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle since 1899.” I guess they missed that part of chemistry class where you learn that by definition, sugar does not contain fat. If it did, it would not be sugar.

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