Friday, October 2, 2009

Better living through chemistry

posted Tue, 31 Aug 2004

I have surrendered. I called a pro to take care of my yard. My neighbors use a guy named Dallas, which was a good omen considering it’s a Texas name and all.


Dallas and I just spoke. He looked at my yard this morning. It can be saved, he thinks. Maybe even without resorting to new sod ($143 a pallet, BTW). Nope, ole Dallas is going to treat that lawn – kill the nutgrass and coax the Bermuda to grow.

He didn’t even think that the presence of the nutgrass was my tilling friend’s fault.

“No ma’am,” he assured me. “With all the rain we got this spring, well, that nutgrass is coming up all over.”

When I protested that it had never been there before the tilling, he said that sometimes tilling can stir things up. Ugly nutgrass, lying dormant beneath the surface, just waiting for its chance to pounce.

I am relieved to know that Patrick had nothing to do with this. He is my friend and so is his wife. Thank God that burden has been lifted from us all.

Dallas is going to leave a written estimate at my house, but he reckons he can fix the lawn. He has been doing my neighbors’ lawn for a while and it looks great, so I am going to take a $31.70 per treatment (seven times a year) leap of faith.

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