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The Big Factotum (my mother) defends her reputation

posted Sun, 31 Oct 2004

From my mom:

"First of all, while it is true I met your father in a bar, I did not "pick him up." We were introduced by his cousin, a friend of mine. I happened to be in the bar, because that was where people (who were old enough--18--and some who weren't, no doubt) went to "hang out" after the high school basketball game. It was downstairs--along with the bowling alley--beneath the gym. I was home from college for the weekend; and since it was my younger sister's birthday (13th), I had taken her and my twin brothers (8) to the game.

Your father had asked me if I'd like to go get something to eat, so after I took my siblings home, that's what we did. Well, he did; seems to me I didn't eat anything. By that time probably (10:00 P.M.) the Dairy Bar in Abbotsford--6 miles away--was closed, so we drove to Marshfield--30 miles away(!)--for a steak sandwich. Gas was cheaper then...

While it is true that there was a time when your father got stuck in the snow backing out of the driveway (this was Wisconsin in February), and yes, it was late but not that late, it was NOT that night. Okay, it was the next night...

Your father (we'll call him "Tex", his high school nickname) had just graduated from college, so his mom and dad were throwing a combination graduation/bon voyage party for him at their home with all the local relatives attending. Tex invited me to come. Since I already knew most of his relatives, I accepted. It was fun, and Tex's mom and dad made me feel very welcome.

As to the late-night part, Tex was to leave for the East Coast the following day for several months, and it was a matter of neither one of us wanting to say goodbye."

(NB The version I gave in my earlier post is the one my father always told me. Vote now on which is the better version: that my mom picked my dad up in a bar or that it was an innocent introduction by a mutual friend after a high school basketball game. )

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