Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life in a 1.5 world country

posted Sun, 19 Sep 2004

· When you rent an “unfurnished” apartment, you don’t get appliances. You don’t get light fixtures. You don’t even get a toilet seat or cover.

· Property tax is based on the “esthetic value” of your house, so the uglier you keep the exterior, the lower the taxes.

· A dentist making about $175,000 a year pays about 70% of that in taxes. Still think socialism is great?

· Sigonella Naval Base is one of the Congressional boondoggle locations. Politicians visit the base for a few minutes, then stay at the $600/night hotel in Taormina. They shop at the base exchange, at which they do not have shopping privileges. (The base exchange, for those who don’t know, exists so that low-paid servicepeople can have a place to shop that is affordable. Prices are usually much lower than you would pay elsewhere. You must be active duty or retired military or a dependent to shop there. The base exchange at Ft Myers in Washington DC, however, seems to exist for other reasons. Enlisted people usually aren’t looking for Waterford Crystal, even at a discount.) Your tax dollar at work.

· The owner of a jewelry shop in Taormina told us, “Don’t vote for Bush!” We said, “Why not?” He, thinking we were not serious, repeated “Don’t vote for Bush!” April said, “Give me my money back.” I said, “I like Bush!” Jenny said, “What don’t you like about Bush?” He began to backpedal, realizing that not all Americans hate W. I think April was serious about wanting her money back. She had said if she had her career to do over, she’d be the only Republican actress in Hollywood.

· Harpo will be happy to know that all the waiters at our restaurant last night were gay.

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