Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 89c: The gross stuff

The Engineer's leg? Has. A. Hole. In. It.

The oozing has mostly stopped.

It made me a little bit faint. But I was still interested. You know how when something really grosses you out and makes your stomach turn but you still want to look? That's what this is. I am very squeamish about other people. Not about myself. Well, except when I cut myself while I am chopping vegetables and start to bleed heavily get blood on the onion and have to get a bandaid and take it upstairs for SH to put on because I am getting dizzy.

But I can't watch someone in the movies get a shot. (Or get shot -- I had to watch most of that stupid Quentin Tarantino movie with my hands in front of my face and I went only because SH really wanted to see it.) Or have an IV inserted. In real life, I don't want to see much of this stuff, either.

But yeah. There's a hole. The incision did not heal. He said he is not going to the doctor just to get stitches -- if he has a scar, so what. I said what if he has a hole in his leg? But he doesn't care.

He is irrigating it with salt water, then smearing bacetracin on it and throwing a bandage on top.

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