Monday, October 26, 2009

More high school lore

posted Sun, 24 Oct 2004

In my Friday Night Lights post, I didn’t mention my Rice friends Jon and Kyle or Jon’s brother Dave, who went to A&M, because I can’t remember if they played high school football. They are all well educated – Jon and Kyle with degrees from Rice, Kyle with a PhD from Cal Tech and Dave with a PhD from Berkeley. But what makes them particularly interesting in this context is that Kyle went to the largest four-year high school in Texas (or in the US – I can’t remember) and Jon graduated with what he thought was the smallest graduated class in Texas in 1981.

Pottsville High School had six students in the class of ‘81, but Bledsoe High School, where my roommate Rene went, had only five. Rene’s class was all girls, so they had a basketball team but no prom. Jon was disappointed to lose that particular claim to fame, but he recovered quickly and with his usual grace.

We all went to Rene and Andrew’s wedding in Bledsoe the summer after our junior year. We drove the quarter mile to the New Mexico border just so we could see the infamous Bloated Goat bar, which was where Rene and her friends had to go to buy liquor, as most of west Texas is dry.

For you non-Texans, “dry” in this sense does not mean “not wet.” It means you cannot buy liquor. A guy in the Peace Corps with me had applied to Texas Tech in Lubbock for graduate school. He was from somewhere back east and liked his beer. “You know Lubbock is dry, don’t you?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I know it doesn’t rain a lot there,” he told me.

I took a deep breath. “Let me explain something to you…”


  1. lol the "bloated goat" was actually about 7 miles south west of Bledsoe. what year were you there? Was the bar still in operation? I grew up in Bledsoe and my graduating class of 1971 had four members...would love to know more on your thoughts ofthe area. And, would like to know who Rene is.


    1. Hi Jerry! Sorry for the delayed response. I was out of town for work with just my work computer. I don't ever go to my blog on that computer because I am so paranoid. And then the internet went out at our house.

      I went to Bledsoe in 1984, I think it was. We didn't go to into the Goat. We did, however, see the Dairy Queen in the next town over, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of.

      What I liked about Bledsoe was at night, you could see all the stars.