Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well maybe

posted Fri, 03 Sep 2004

Harpo thinks I am being catty about miniskirt girl.


I will admit I wish I looked as good as she does. She is seven years older than I am, but I would have put her no older than 30. I never really saw her face, though, and the deep tan on her legs makes me suspect leathery skin. (Yes, even more cattiness.)

But here's the thing: even if I looked that good, I still wouldn't dress trashy! If your body is that fabulous, you can wear a burlap bag and look good. No need to look sleazy. Elegant, classy, sexy, gorgeous are all possible in one outfit. An ENTIRE outfit.

And here's how I know you know when your underpants can be seen. I bought a black leather miniskirt to wear when Harpo's band is playing. It seemed to be the appropriate outfit. (Harpo hates when I do this, but I got it at the Junior League Thrift Shop for $5!!)

Well. I wore it once with black tights and high-heeled black boots. (It was winter.) It was OK when I was standing, but I realized as soon as I sat down that not only does leather not fall nicely between my legs, providing some modesty, but that even if it did have that property, there would not have been enough fabric to do so.

I spent the entire evening very uncomfortably aware of the shortness of the skirt. I sat only when I could put the lower half of my body behind something. The rest of the time, I stood.

Harpo's bandmates ask why I don't wear the miniskirt any more. It's too much work to dress like that if you have any sense of propriety, that's why!

Other things
So am I expecting too much from my cleaning lady not to put my toothbrush -- with the bristles down and touching the soap -- on the soapdish? Shouldn't I be able to assume that most people would not have to be told not to put the toothbrush in the soap?

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