Friday, October 23, 2009

Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over

posted Thu, 21 Oct 2004

I can’t believe I had forgotten the rest of the Foreign Boyfriend (FB) birthday story! Remember that episode of Cheers where Diane knit Sam a sweater for Christmas? Not just knit him a sweater, but carded the wool, spun it into yarn, dyed it to a color good for Sam, then designed and knit the sweater?

And then Sam got her steak knives.

Here is what happened with FB’s birthday a few months before mine. If you are just joining us, the punch line is that for my birthday, FB sent me an e-card that he had programmed three weeks beforehand.

Shortly after I met him, FB and a colleague had a business trip to the US. They stayed a few days extra so they could travel through Kentucky and tour some bourbon distilleries. Apparently, FB is a bourbon fan. I filed that information for future reference.

His birthday approached. I remembered the bourbon fact. I don’t drink, except for Bailey’s, and that’s because I like the cream more than anything else, so I was starting from scratch on knowing what bourbon to get him. I got on the net and did a lot of research. I learned what bourbon was (I have already forgotten – it’s been six years now, I think, so don’t ask me for details) and found out the differences between single malt and I guess multi-malt bourbons.

Then I read bourbon reviews and found the best boutique bourbons of the year. I emailed FB’s colleague and asked him to find out if any of these boutique bourbons were even available in that French-speaking country where FB lives.

Then I went to four different liquor stores in Miami before I found one that had one of the recommended bourbons. Yes, I tried calling beforehand, but if you’ve ever lived in Miami, you’ll understand why that didn’t work.

I bought a bottle of the special bourbon (which was not cheap, BTW, and I was still in my post-Peace Corps/grad school poverty stage) and carried it on the plane with me to Marseille, where I was to meet FB for a vacation.

You see why I might have felt a bit let down that he felt that my birthday warranted no more effort than an e-card.

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