Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why hasn`t the EU looked into this?

posted Tue, 21 Sep 2004

I have questions after having been in Italy for less than a week.

How many ways are there to flush a toilet? I have counted five separate methods so far. You can press on the top of the toilet , either a metal button or a plastic square plate thingy. You can press a plastic plate attached to the wall above the toilet. One I saw had two sections – a little one embedded in the larger one. I got the idea the smaller one was for small flush and the larger for big flush. I pressed each of them several times to test.

You can press a metal button in the wall. You can pull a chain attached to the tank suspended over the toilet.

Italian toilet.

The question is has there been any interest in standardization of toilet flushing methods? Are the different designs part of the toilet marketing strategies? What does the toilet salesman say to the prospect about his flushing method? How does he demonstrate its superiority?

The next toilet question has to do with toilet seats. Many toilets do not have them. What is the strategy behind this? Wouldn’t you think that the toilet and the seat would be sold as a complete package?

Do they manufacture the same number of seats as toilets? If so, what happens to all the extra seats? Who buys them and for what?

Next question. Pink vespas? I saw one today. A pink vespa. It wouldn’t be so weird if a woman were riding it, but it was a guy. I would think that it would be hard for a guy, even an Italian guy, to look macho while riding a pink Vespa.

Other things. Tonight’s menu includes
· fried eggplant balls (mashed eggplant mixed with bread crumbs, basil, cheese and eggs and fried),
· stuffed eggplant (stuffed with cherry tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, fried bread crumbs, olives, capers and fried eggplant – the innards from the shells that are stuffed)
· some vegetable potage with everything from the garden
· veal saltimbocca
· chocolate flan that is really more like a chocolate pudding cake.

Chef Biagio continues to insist we sample everything, which is just fine with me.

Positano this afternoon. Lovely town and the road actually was empty enough for Odelia to go fast, which really wasn’t such a great thing after all. But she knows the road and I just thought of England and it all worked out. Still, I didn’t see a single handsome man zooming along in a convertible. Isn’t Belmondo supposed to be on that strada?

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