Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A baby for Christmas

posted Tue, 21 Dec 2004

The lovely Sophia Elizabeth has arrived. Leigh didn’t need to be induced. Instead, Sophia arrived only a day after her due date because, I think, of her mother’s great determination. Never underestimate an Alabama steel magnolia.

Leigh really didn’t want to be induced, so she decided she would encourage this baby to keep to its schedule. On Friday, she took the dog out for a long, long walk, which apparently did the trick, because she went into labor and had Sophia on Saturday. This kid knows who’s boss.

Leigh left me a message Sunday morning that she had had the baby, but all she said was that she had a baby girl! No more information! No name, no weight, no drug details. I had to wait until later for all of that.

I couldn’t post this news until Leigh told Ilene, the bodacious red-headed doc, and Megan and Steve, our Peace Corps friends in Uzbekistan. Baby news rightfully comes from the parents. Both Ilene and Megan are great readers of this blog and I didn’t want them to get the news from me.

Well, at least Ilene is a great reader of this site. Megan has a harder time getting to it, I think. At least that is the excuse I am giving her. It’s certainly not the content or the quality of my writing that would be keeping her away.

Ilene, my favorite pediatrician, claims to be a Democrat, but she and I agree on foreign policy, on personal accountability, and pretty much on every issue we discuss except abortion and physician-assisted suicide.

Even so, Doc Ilene would never have an abortion herself. I am inferring her opinion on physician-assisted suicide based on something she wrote. Maybe she just meant that if the pain from cancer was bad enough, that would mean lots of painkillers that would have death as a side effect but that death would not be the intention.

There is a conservative trying to get out of you, I.

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