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Did I break one of the ten commandments?

posted Sat, 01 Jan 2005

I cheated on my hairdresser today.

That’s almost worse than cheating on a boyfriend (who would be Harpo).

Women and their hairdressers have this intimacy that you don’t find in other relationships. You have to trust your hairdresser almost more than you would trust anyone else.

True, the gynecologist is a more – personal – relationship, but that’s usually only once a year. What he does doesn’t affect the rest of your everyday life.

But a hairdresser – if she messes up – that’s a disaster.

I still remember one haircut I got when I was 12 that was so short that everyone thought I was a boy. No, the rest of my body did not give them any indication otherwise.

When I moved from Houston to Austin, I was more upset about having to find a new hairdresser than about leaving my then-boyfriend behind. He was not happy when I explained this to him, either. We broke up. Oh well.

When you finally find a hairdresser you like and trust, it is such a relief. At last, someone who won’t make you look awful. I went through four hairdressers in M’town before I found Geri. She is a gem. I trust her so much that I have even told her she can do whatever she wants with my hair color.

Not with the cut, though. I am not that brave.

So how did I betray her?

Well, I have told her to do what she wants with the color – but have shown her photos of my sister with auburn hair, saying I want to go in that direction. I was born blonde, but my hair has gotten darker as I have gotten older, especially as I no longer spend my summers at the pool. (I used to be absolutely white blonde in high school when I was on the swim team and at the end of every summer in college. I looked great.)

She hasn’t taken the hint. Yes, she has put subtle auburn tones in my hair, but I want to quit messing around. If I pay $75 to have my hair colored, I want people to notice.

In Geri’s defense, her strategy is for them to notice me, not my hair.

Well, if a little bit of auburn is good, a lot is better, I say.

So this morning, I dyed it myself.

It looks fabulous.

Yes, I was scared I would completely mess it up. After all, every other time I have done something to my hair myself, it has been a complete disaster. No, I do not learn from these lessons.

Well, maybe I learn a little bit. I got temporary hair dye. It is supposed to wash out in 28 days. We’ll see. The last time I used temporary dye was when my friend Terri and I were drinking tequila out of an 8-oz tumbler. We decided it would be a really, really good idea to dye our hair purple. Temporary purple, of course.

But guess what? If your hair is sunbleached (or people-bleached), as mine was, temporary dye becomes permanent. I had lavender streaks in my hair for months. I liked it. I thought it was edgy and non-corporate, but I don’t think my corporate boss appreciated it.

At least this time, the results are safe for work.

But will it wash out before I see Geri again? Will it really be temporary? Will I be caught? How will I explain myself?

Tune in next month…

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