Monday, November 2, 2009

Even Job didn`t suffer like this

posted Fri, 05 Nov 2004

The spoiled girls are back. Those private school girls who use the JCC pool for their swim team practice are back. Maddening.

Danny, the aquatics director at the JCC, is a great guy with a positive attitude, but sometimes he is a bit too positive. He doesn’t want to admit that anything could ever be wrong. When the J made the deal with the school two years ago it was a great deal for the J – but not for the 6:00 a.m. swimmers (yes, we are weird).

All we knew was that one morning, a gaggle of high-school girls appeared and took over half the pool. And then they were in the locker room with me, hogging all the showers, breaking glass bottles and not cleaning up the mess – not even picking up the big shards. I almost stepped on one with my bare feet when I walked out of the shower. When I said something about it through clenched teeth – as I was picking up the big pieces and carrying them to the trash – they said, in injured innocence, “We told them up front that someone needed to clean it up.” Right. I guess it just would have been too much to ask for you to bend over and pick some of it up yourself.

They complained about the facilities. “Where are the complimentary towels?” they whined. They take all the space in the locker room, they put on shoes that cost almost as much as my first car, they dry their highlighted in New York hair – and they want to know where the free towels are. Ingrates.

When I complained to Danny that it was a real inconvenience to the morning swimmers to lose half the lanes to these girls, he said cheerfully that it was just one hour a week. Yes, I said, but it’s 20% of the time that I swim. But we get to use their basketball and tennis courts, he said brightly. I don’t play basketball or tennis, I replied flatly.

Not that it would change the situation at all, but I don’t know why he can’t admit to me that yes, he can see why I might not like having these girls in the pool – why I might not like having to share a lane with two or three people and a locker room with 15. Why can’t he validate my feelings????? Would it be so hard?

Actually, why can’t he just kick those girls out? They were at the J at 5:55 this morning, waiting at the main doors. The rest of us are quiet, trying to wake up, but these girls are chirping and chattering. Shut up! I don’t want to hear someone being cheerful and talkative before dawn. Go away.

Now I’m going to get really nasty. I usually avoid ad hominem attacks (at least I think I do), but I won’t here. Their coach came straight out of the high school girls’ coach handbook. She’s got the whole dykey look – the functional short, completely unfashionable, unflattering haircut, the coach shorts, the mannish walk – nothing has changed since I was in high school. In a small way, it’s nice to know there are some traditions that last.

I know I shouldn’t be venting my ire on these girls – or not all of it, at least. It’s not their fault that the JCC sold out the morning swimmers. But they are the most convenient target and they are annoying in their own right. And no, I would not say this if I knew them personally or if they were the children of friends. I am saying this solely because they are making my life more complicated and I don’t like that.

They need to learn to be around grouchy middle-aged people without ticking them off or they are not going to do well in college. Although I guess that really doesn’t matter with any of them because they are all being groomed to marry doctors instead of to be doctors.

I want them to go away.

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