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If you`re not a Yanqui, GO HOME

posted Fri, 10 Dec 2004

I was thinking about a post that internet person wrote the other day. She is an ESL teacher. One of her kids told her that 1) he hates America and 2) he is an illegal immigrant.

Logical minds immediately want to know, “Then why are you here? Go home already if you don’t like this country.”

If I lived in Paris, I would spend hours at chic cafes with my intellectual friends while we discussed Art and Life and drank hot chocolate.
Source: http://home.comcast.net/~arrefmak/images/20s/paris-cafe-1925.jpg

I have a big problem with illegal immigrants demanding and getting the benefits of citizens and legal residents. I have mixed feelings about their being here. I don’t want to pay $20 a pound for strawberries. And in M’town, illegal Hispanic immigrants seem to be the only ones who will show up to work for construction jobs. The contractors say they don’t pay them any less than they would a legal worker – it’s that they will actually come to work and work.

But if you break the law to come here, you know you are breaking the law. That means you don’t get to have the advantages of a law-abiding citizen. I would love, love, love to live and work in Paris for a while (well, if I weren’t so mad at the French and if I didn't hate cigarette smoke and dog poop on the sidewalks, I would), but the only way it would be possible would be if I worked illegally.

If I did that, I would not expect to get medical care for free, as I think French taxpayers do. (Actually, it’s not free. They pay for it with their taxes. Their very, very high taxes.) I would not expect to attend a French university at the same tuition that a French citizen pays. I certainly would not expect welfare benefits should I lose my illegal job.

Yet some illegal immigrants who come to the US think they should get the benefits of citizenship. They break the law by coming here and then have the nerve to send their children to our schools at our expense (and don’t give me that argument that they are paying taxes – they are not paying enough taxes for all the ESL teachers who have to be hired). They go to our hospitals without insurance and without paying. They go on welfare. Welfare!

They are even demanding that their children get in-state tuition at public universities! Hello!!! You are BREAKING THE LAW by being here!

Last year, there was a “Freedom Ride” from Mexico to Washington, DC, to protest for illegal immigrant benefits. The article is gone from my newspaper’s archives, or I would show it here, but I remember clearly what this one woman said. She was upset that when she and the illegal immigrants crossed the border from Mexico to Texas, Immigration made them get out of the bus, line up and show their papers. “Like Hitler did with the Jews,” she said indignantly.

That made my blood boil. First of all, that is what happens when you cross a border. I have made that exact same border crossing in a bus. You get out of the bus and show your passport. Second, that is nothing like what Hitler did to the Jews. When Hitler took people off the bus or the train, he put them in a chamber and gassed them to death. When this lady got off the bus, she showed her passport and got back on.

I cannot imagine people sneaking into any other country in the world and having the nerve to demand the benefits of citizenship. They would be laughed out of the country. No, they would thrown out of the country. Damn. If you don’t like it here, leave. We didn’t even invite you.

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