Saturday, November 28, 2009

I`ll put ten on Goliath!

posted Thu, 30 Dec 2004

I left the house late enough this morning that I heard the daily bible quiz on the country music radio station. The question was who was talking to Jesus when the cloud enveloped them. (BTW – Catholics almost never win these contests. Baptists know this stuff inside and out.)

First caller: “Moses and Abraham?”

DJ: “Nope, that’s not right!”

Second caller: “Abraham and Moses?”

DJ: “Sorry! That’s not right! They all want it to be Moses and Abraham!”

Third caller: “Moses and Elijah.”

DJ: “Yes! How did you know that?”

Caller: “Just remembered it from when I was a kid, I guess.”

DJ: “Yes, that’s from Matthew 17. Our winner gets dinner for two at Fitzgerald’s Casino!”

Isn’t there a certain – inappropriateness – about a casino sponsoring a bible quiz? There’s nothing in the ten commandments against gambling, but gambling is not held in high regard in the bible or by any organized religion as far as I know. The only mention I can think of about it in the bible is when the Roman soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ garments after the crucifixion, which is not usually held up as a model of exemplary behavior.

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