Sunday, November 15, 2009

Independent, unsolicited corroboration from a Mexican-American

posted Mon, 06 Dec 2004

This note is from a friend from Brownsville, on the Texas-Mexico border. She is of Mexican descent. (Let me know if it's OK to use your name.)

I agree with your blog about Latin Americans waiting their turn. I don't know what it is, but they seem to act as if they are the only ones in line needing to be attended.

I totally agree that it is a feudal society where a few families control all resources. That is the way it is in Matamoros, the Mexican bordering town of Brownsville. Gasoline stations in Mexico are a monopoly. They are all called PEMEX. You will not see any other name on gasoline station signs but PEMEX. PEMEX is the monopoly for gas stations in MEXICO. SO is TELMEX for telephones. Isn't this pitiful?

I, too, feel like yelling to the people who start boarding when their row hasn't been announced. It always seems it's the hispanics who are rushing to board the plane when their row is yet to be called. I feel like saying, "It's not like the plane is going to leave without you."

I like your example about everyone in Miami rushing to the altar to receive communion. It's true it's not like there is not going to be enough God for everyone.

When Patrick [her husband] travels with me to Brownsville, I have to remind him to stay in line and don't move an inch. Before you know it somebody will have snuck in front of you.

It sounds like Brownsville is a lot like Miami in that respect. I always have to be on guard when I go down there.

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