Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just say "no" and don`t stand between me and the toilet

posted Sat, 13 Nov 2004

I would be a lousy drug addict. I find no pleasure in abusing drugs. I don’t even find pleasure in taking them for their intended purposes. Just this week, my doctor has given me two new prescription painkillers in a quixotic attempt at quelling my headaches. Neither of them has relieved eyestrain headaches (not to be confused with the headaches my doctor says are migraines, which is the main thing we are working on) and they actually make me feel worse.

Remember that these allegedly migraine headaches are not horrible, debilitating headaches. Just annoying plus two headaches – enough to be distracting and painful and to make me impatient (that is a nice way of saying slightly bitchy), but bad enough that I want to get rid of them.

So the topamax, which was supposed to prevent the migraines altogether, didn’t work for me. Now we are trying riboflavin. But neither of those will work on eyestrain headaches, which are really my own darn fault – too much time in front of a computer terminal. My cousin Becky, the optometry student, says that there is really no pain medication that will alleviate eyestrain because there is not a big blood supply to the eyes. The only thing I can do is to rest them. That’s why I am limiting my posting this weekend. I will be sitting on my hands, the way a deaf-mute person must when she has to keep quiet.

But before I heard from Becky, I asked Dr L for painkillers for the eyestrain headache. First he gave me fioricet. Fioricet, I discovered, does not get rid of an eyestrain headache and it also gives me a horribly upset stomach – the way your stomach would feel if you took a piece of broken glass and scraped it along the inside of your stomach. This upset stomach lasts at least one day after you take the pill. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it lasts two days after.

Fioricet contains caffeine, so it had the added advantage of waking me up at 1:00 a.m. and keeping me awake for an hour not one but two mornings in a row (because it took me two days to figure this out) after I had taken it in the evening. How can anyone so sensitive to a little bit of caffeine (I usually have only one diet Coke in the morning) not respond to the therapeutic value of topamax?

I called the doc and asked for something else. He gave me hydrocodone, which appears to be some sort of opiate. Yay! At last, my codeine or something like it, which I know from my OTC codeine from France will get rid of an eyestrain headache.

Ha. Not this stuff. Not to be a snob (even though I am) and even though I am still mad at France, this domestic narcotic is awful. Again, it doesn’t get rid of my headache. And it makes me nauseated!

I just read a website about hydrocodone, which is the main ingredient in vicodin, another drug I hate. I had vicodin after some oral surgery. It made me so nauseated that I decided I would rather be in pain than take more of it.

The website says that hydrocodone is habit forming and a street drug. I don’t see why anyone would take those drugs more than once. How can you form the habit of taking a drug that makes you feel like you are going to throw up? Why would you want to?

What am I doing wrong that thousands of people can become addicted to a drug that does nothing more for me than make me want to throw up? This is so unfair.

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