Friday, November 6, 2009

The life and times of an invalid

posted Sun, 14 Nov 2004

It’s been driving me crazy not to write. Drugs aren’t addictive for me, but journaling is. But – the eyes are still sore and the stomach is still upset, so I will keep this short.

I probably did my tummy no favors with my diet this weekend. Friday night, Harpo got us a pizza to eat while we watched a movie at his place. (A first for us, as neither of us have a TV – but his mom left him her TV and VCR, so we decided to take advantage.)

Is this the sort of pepper you expect to see scattered on top of a pizza? Whole? But it was still good pizza.

Anyhow, Harpo ordered cheese and green pepper on the pizza. When he picked it up, though, he noticed it had only cheese on it. Where were the peppers, he asked? The clerk was quite distressed and took the box back to the kitchen, where she conferred with a supervisor. The supervisor took action and the clerk brought the pizza back to Harpo with a flourish, happy to have remedied the situation.

They had scattered 15 whole pickled peppers on top of the pizza. Harpo was so tickled and amazed at their response that he decided to leave it that way. Technically, they were peppers and they were green – light green – well, maybe yellow, so who was he to argue?

I like pickled peppers, so I picked them off the top and ate them, which, I can tell you in retrospect, is not the best remedy for an upset tummy.

Neither is eggplant parmesan or pumpkin flan, both of which I made on Saturday. But I stubbornly ate them both anyhow.

Not surprisingly, my tummy had not recovered by the time I woke up this morning. I made brownies for some of the IT people at work who got me out of a jam last week and didn’t even sample the batter. Very much. (These are the best brownies in the world. They have chile powder in them. If you can’t get ancho chile powder, use 1/8 tsp of cayenne instead. I add ¼ tsp of salt to this recipe.)

I finally realized that I would return to full digestive health (and I mean full, if you know what I mean) only when I surrendered to the BRAT diet. As I had no bananas, applesauce or toast in the house, it looked like breakfast had to be rice. I went out for bananas later and picked up some crackers as well. And I have been eating around the cheese in the eggplant parmesan.

It’s been a slow, lazy day. My friend Aimee informed me at lunch (I sipped ginger ale while she ate tandoori chicken) that working on a jigsaw puzzle – which was what I did all morning – instead of on a computer was probably not really resting my eyes. Neither is reading a book, probably. It is very boring being unwell.

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