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Lucille was impressed

posted Sun, 05 Dec 2004

I promised a report on the BB King’s show last night.

The guys rocked! They are so good. As soon as they started playing, heads started nodding and toes started tapping. I could hear Harpo really well – his new harp commander (some sort of harmonica thingy) helped, I guess. Usually, the guitars drown him out. This, apparently, is a universal complaint about guitars from those who play other instruments.

The history of rock n’ roll is fascinating, but just play the darn song already.

Tom was up to his usual shenanigans. Tom is the leader of the band and is a college professor in his spare time. He loves to be in the limelight and gives a little lecture before each song, which the audience does not necessarily appreciate. Sometimes the music speaks for itself – we don’t need to have the entire history of the blues mapped out to enjoy a song.

The drummer is the principal of a vocational high school and has about 20 girlfriends. The bass player has his own business and the other guitar player is an engineer. These guys all have full-time jobs and family responsibilities, yet still rehearse, compose and perform. The local weekly paper described them as a “bunch of middle-aged white guys who can really rock the house.”

The only fashion critique that I, Miss Fashion Plate, had was that Tom wore a sleeveless shirt.

The rest of the band has tried to convince Tom that he needs to cover his arms, but he maintains that the chicks want to see his biceps.


There are very few men I want to see in sleeveless shirts – and middle-aged men who are – sorry, Tom – a bit overweight and out of shape are not on that list. I don’t wear sleeveless shirts in public because I have cafeteria-lady arms – so I guess I’m a little demanding of others in that respect.

But Tom is a great guy. The band would not exist if it weren’t for his hard work. He is also Leigh’s professor for the IT class she is taking this semester. He is going to let her take her final a week early because she is supposed to have a baby on December 16. I like Tom – but I just don’t want to see him quasi-naked.

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