Friday, November 20, 2009

Nine to Five doesn`t sound half bad

posted Thu, 16 Dec 2004

Agotada. That’s Spanish for “wrung out.” Or that’s the idiomatic translation.

And that’s what I am. I can go weeks without much to do at work, but then hit a spell where I am drowning. Those are the times when my boss, whom I can go days without seeing, will decide he wants to drop into my office to chat. It’s not easy to get rid of him. I value being employed.

I had all this stuff I wanted to get done yesterday and today before I take tomorrow off and then go on vacation next Wednesday. There is a woman at work – “Dina” – who has been inviting me to go to lunch for weeks now.

I don’t like to go out to lunch at work. I like to go to the gym at lunch. Going to the gym gives me a great break in the middle of the day and actually gives me more energy for the afternoon. Really! It does! My gym is two blocks from my office, so getting there and doing a quick round with the weights is not a problem.

I especially don’t like to go to lunch with co-workers. I like to keep my work life and my real life separate. I don’t talk much about my life and myself at work (hard to believe, I know) and I don’t want to spend time outside of work with the people at work. Not that there is anything wrong with the people I work with – I just like to keep things neat.

Dina has been wanting to eat lunch with me for a while. I had convinced her that breakfast would be acceptable instead (so I could at least still get to the gym) and we had settled on today, but when I got to work this morning, I knew there was no way. The work I had planned to do today was enough to keep me busy for three days, then I discovered that a big project I had spent about 20 hours completing had bad data (not my fault – the factories had input bad numbers and not corrected them) and would have to be re-done. The re-doer will be me, of course. I should have discovered the bad numbers at the start, but when you are working with thousands of sales records pulled directly from the factory, you have to have some faith.

I called Dina and told her I wouldn’t be able to make it today but how about the week after Christmas? I tried to explain that I wanted to be able to have a nice conversation without looking at the clock every two minutes, but she got very miffed. “Well,” she huffed. “I guess I’ll just go to the cafeteria anyhow and get something because I haven’t eaten anything yet.”

Well. Yes. That is something grownup people do sometimes – they eat meals alone. They also understand when work takes precedence over socializing at work. I am paid to get the job done, not have lunch or breakfast, as the case may be.

And I have just discovered that the company’s browser is blocking all images as porn. No clever photos for a while until this passes.

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