Thursday, November 12, 2009

Office space

posted Mon, 29 Nov 2004

What the hell is the point of having my own office with a door and everything if there are windows from the hall into said office? I know the esthetic reason is to let light in to the rest of the building so the folks in the cubicles don't feel like they are working in caves, but here's what it means for me:

If I get a run in my hose, I cannot put on a new pair in my office. At least, not easily. I don't want to change in the ladies' room because the idea of standing barefoot in that bathroom grosses me out. Yes, it's cleaned daily, but the idea of standing barefoot in any public bathroom grosses me out.

So instead, I do attempt a magic change in my office by slinking down low in my chair behind my desk, looking straight at the hall windows so I can intercept and prevent from entering anyone who might stoop to look through the clear sections of glass to see why my door is closed. (Most of the window is frosted, but not enough).

Yet more proof that the person(s) who designed this office building are not women and did not talk to any women during the design process. (Another bit of evidence -- there is nowhere in the ladies' room to put your stuff while you are in the stall.) I am not big into conspiracy theory, but when it comes to things like this and women's shoes, I have to wonder.

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