Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recipes for a big family

posted Tue, 14 Dec 2004

My cousin Robbie, who has a master’s degree in journalism, I think, put together an incredible cookbook of family recipes. She emailed it to everyone this morning. She collected recipes from my grandmother, my aunts and uncles (my mom comes from a family of seven) and other cousins.

Apple strudel is an important part of my family’s history.

The book has 148 pages.

One hundred of them are desserts.

We don’t mess around with stuff that doesn’t taste good in my family.

This is the ratio of desserts to non-desserts that I have noticed in my grandmother’s church cookbooks, too. If you want to eat well, go to a church dinner or a party or a wedding in central Wisconsin. These people will not let you go hungry.

There are not a lot of therapists in that part of the country, I don’t think. Is there a connection? I wonder. Good food = happy people?

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