Friday, November 6, 2009

Seafood diet

posted Tue, 16 Nov 2004

It’s been one of those days. It started with medicinal cheese and peanut butter crackers as I left the gym at 7:25 this morning. It would have been medicinal chocolate except I didn’t have enough change and the machine wasn’t accepting dollar bills.

Then I got to work. When I walked past Mike’s office, he wasn’t at his desk but his jar of peanut M&Ms was right there and heck, I’d already eaten the crackers, so what are a few M&Ms?

Then I opened my emergency chocolate drawer at my desk and saw the half-eaten Godiva bar (yes, I know that’s a crime) and thought, I might as well finish this off.

When I went to the 9th floor, I stopped to talk to Betty. She handed me a baggie filled with Indian corn. “I remembered you like this!” she said. Well. I am not one of those ungracious gift recipients. Not me. I took the baggie, and, just to be polite, even ate a few pieces right there. That’s how nice I am.

They had a breakfast meeting in the big conference room next to me. All morning, I could smell the eggs and bacon and biscuits. They didn’t leave until after 12:30. Made me nuts. I finally got in there and had a cold biscuit, which is not as bad as you might think.

Then I had some cantaloupe.

Then I thought oh heck, the day has gone to hell in a handbasket already, so why I am eating around it? I went back for the cheese grits.

If you have never had cheese grits – even cold ones – you do not know what you are missing. The first time I ever had grits was when I was in high school at my best friend Julie’s house. Although she tried to dissuade me, I insisted on adding milk and sugar to my grits because they looked like Malt O Meal.

Grits do not taste good with milk and sugar.

I didn’t give them a second chance until Julie’s wedding breakfast in November 2000, when her aunt served cheese grits. Omigosh. Heaven in the mouth. Here is what you find in your better cheese grits and Julie’s aunt’s cheese grits were the best:

• Butter
• Cream cheese
• Chedder cheese
• More butter

What’s not to like?

I am so sad to think of all the years I spent not eating grits simply because I was too stubborn to eat them the right way when I was in high school.

It’s now 4:20 and I have eaten the breakfast and lunch I brought with me in my spiffy blue lunchbag and all the extra food I could find lying around the office. I still have four more hours of being awake. I need to leave before I do my waistline any more damage.

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