Sunday, November 22, 2009

Support for the dance-challenged

posted Fri, 17 Dec 2004

I’m listening to this great CD that my friend Lenore sent me for Christmas. I didn’t know it was a Christmas present or I wouldn’t have opened it, but it came straight from Amazon, so I didn’t have any warning. It’s a Tito Puente collection and it is great. I love latin music and I especially like salsa.

[Note about Lenore: She is the only friend I have who has visited me everywhere I have lived my adult life, including twice when I was in Chile. She also stood in line for an hour once at a Chicago bookstore to get me a signed copy of the newest Maeve Binchy book to cheer me up during a bleak period in my life. She is a True Friend.]

What’s not to like about a dance where you dance better if you wear gorgeous high-heeled shoes and swishy dresses?

I especially like salsa dancing. I took classes when I lived in Miami. Every Wednesday night, I tell myself I am going to go to the salsa class near my house here, but when I get home after work, something happens and I am unable to leave my house again. Some sort of agoraphobia, I expect. Is there someone I can sue over this?

I like salsa dancing because there is structure. I know this will come as a great surprise to those of you who know me well, but I don’t like regular rock dancing where you just go as the music moves you. I prefer rules, structure, patterns. Yes. I do. That is so out of character, I know.

I also like it because it does not require as much hip movement as other latin dances, like merengue (my spellcheck keeps trying to turn this word into “meringue”). When I was in Chile, my Chilean friends tried to teach me those sexy latin dances that require all that hip swiveling.

I tried, but I am genetically incapable of hip movement and sexiness. I had to explain to them that I am Norwegian and that we are a stiff, uncharmismatic people who just do not move in that way. They never really understood, but they did pity me.

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