Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet dreams

posted Fri, 12 Nov 2004

Here’s how I imagine it:

God, looking down at the file on His desk: “Yasser, it says here that you had millions, maybe billions, of dollars in secret bank accounts all over the world? Enough that your widow gets 22 million dollars a year? You had all this money while your people suffered? I thought you always said you were working for the Palestinian people. Why wasn’t that money helping them? How did you acquire such a fortune? Why did you let My children go hungry and naked while you had all this money?”

God taps his finger on a paper and sighs. “Ma’alot. Twenty-one of my children dead at once at your direction. Babies. They are here with Me now, but oh, the suffering and sorrow you caused when your henchmen murdered them so brutally.”

God thumbs through some more papers, speaks without looking up. “And what is this about convincing people – children, in some cases – to strap bombs to themselves so they could kill My other children? You did this in My name? How does this glorify Me? Who told you this was what I wanted? Show Me where it is written in the Torah, in the Bible, in the Koran that this is what I said.”

“And what is this part about 72 virgins?” God looks up and gestures. “Look around. Do you see any murderers up here being cosseted by virgins?”

“Tell me, Yasser, tell me one thing you did to make the world a better place. To genuinely help your people. To work for peace. To do as I commanded and love one another and show charity and honor Me.”

God stands up, extends his hand, and says, “Thanks for dropping by, Yasser, but I’m afraid this is not the right place for you.”

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