Tuesday, November 17, 2009

White woman speak with forked tongue

posted Sat, 11 Dec 2004

Here’s why I have mixed feelings about illegal immigrants (and why I feel hypocritical about the issue): they are a boon to our economy. Most of them have an incredible work ethic. On holidays, after hours and on Sundays, it is the Hispanic construction guys I see working on the houses down the street. They work hard, they live ten to an apartment, they send their money back home. We benefit from their work. I wish the rest of the people living in my city worked that hard. Contractors beg for Mexicans. They don’t want locals.

I used to have an American cleaning lady. She didn’t do windows. She didn’t wash clothes. She didn’t iron. She didn’t clean the inside of the refrigerator.

One day, I patched the plaster in the bathroom and sanded it down. Right before I went to bed, I realized I hadn’t cleaned the plaster dust off the floor, but then remembered that my cleaning lady was coming the next day. She was supposed to wash the floor anyhow, so I left the dust for her to clean.

When I got home the next night, I discovered the dust was still there.

She hadn’t washed the floor. She hadn’t even swept the floor. I fired her, deciding that for $60, I could not clean my house just as easily as she could.

When Esperanza, my current cleaning lady, and I had our interview, she asked me what I wanted her to use to wash the windows: newspaper or rags. “What did you say?” I asked her. We were speaking in Spanish and I thought I must have mis-heard her. She repeated her question. “You wash windows?” I asked in amazement.

“Isn’t that part of cleaning a house?” she replied.

Esperanza washes, folds and puts away my clothes. She would iron if I had clothes that needed to be ironed. She washes the windows. She will do anything I ask. She is amazing.

She is also, I think, illegal. I have never asked her, but I will politely decline if George wants to appoint me to a Cabinet-level position. I really wouldn’t want to put the Administration through that sort of embarrassment. And I wouldn’t want to have to find a new cleaning lady.

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