Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I can run, but I cannot hide

posted Mon, 07 Feb 2005

I don’t mind if complete strangers see me naked, but I don’t want the people I work with to see me without clothes. Is that so odd?

I don’t even want them to see me in my swimsuit or my gym clothes.

So why do they insist on joining my gym and invading my space? Do you know how disconcerting it was to walk out of the shower into the locker room and find “Elaine,” whom I am accustomed to seeing only in the halls at work, getting her shampoo and towel out of a locker? She had on a bathing suit, but I was naked. Talk about a power imbalance.

I didn’t like it.

And I don’t like it when she shows up in the weight room at lunch, as she did today. There are a few guys from my floor who have joined, too. Great. Just what I want. People from work to see me at 6:00 a.m. in a swimsuit or to see me at lunch in a baggy T-shirt and shorts getting sweaty on the weights.

Technically, they have as much right as anyone else to join my gym, but man – of all the gyms in the world, why’d they have to pick mine? I mean, besides the fact that it’s two blocks from the office and a great price.

I go to the gym to escape from work, not to hang out with colleagues. Is there no safe haven?

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