Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In this house, we don`t put our shoes on the couch

posted Mon, 31 Jan 2005

The good news is that yesterday was the day they gave away all the Christmas poinsettias at church. I got a white one and a red one. I can keep those things going inside until spring, then plant them outside, then keep them alive until the next fall. They are actually a tropical plant and do quite well in the warm, humid (well, what they think is humid) summers here. In Honduras, I saw them alongside the road, eight feet high!

The bad news is that the dry cleaner doesn’t think he’ll be able to get the ink out of the pillows from my couch. Even if he can, that doesn’t mean I can get the ink stains out of the couch itself – the solvents he uses have to be rinsed out of the fabric or they will stain. So unless I am prepared to throw my couch in the washing machine, I am SOL. (Mom, that means “Sorry, out of luck.”)

I was able to get my $5.89 back for the miracle spot remover from the grocery store. They must have felt sorry for me after I told them the whole story. That, or they just wanted me to shut up.

The only thing that remains to be done is to fire Esperanza. I have never fired anyone before. Well, not so that the person knew she was being fired. I fired my previous cleaning lady, but I lied to her – told her I was cutting back on my spending.

I don’t think it will be hard to fire Esperanza. Not that hard, anyhow. I was thinking about how all the scribbled-on pillows were turned with the scribbled side upside down. Statistically, the odds of that happening are one in eight (three pillows, two sides each). Not outside the realm of chance, but come on – how could she have missed it? Methinks she saw it and tried to conceal it. Although she has really bad vision. Maybe she really did miss it. Darnit.

It might be hard. I need to keep reminding myself, “One thousand dollars to re-upholster.”

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