Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It`s so hard to get good help these days

posted Sun, 30 Jan 2005

I know this whine is going to make me sound like a spoiled rich kid (which, trust me, I am not), but here goes anyhow.

I’ve decided to fire Esperanza. I hate to do this because I love having someone else clean my house, but I realized that the disadvantages now outweigh the advantages.

(By the way, this is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance.)

At first, Esperanza was incredible, but then she became careless. For a while now, she has been doing things I find annoying, but I have let them go because I hated the idea of spending my Saturday mornings doing heavy housecleaning so much.

Some of the things she has done that I don’t think someone should do if she is being paid $60 to clean a house include

• Leaving the pictures knocked askew after dusting them
• Leaving bookcases, cedar chests and beds five inches from their normal positions
• Leaving dirty rags on top of the radiator
• Leaving dirty rags in the kitchen sink
• Not cleaning the lint trap in the dryer
• Not bothering to put the trash in the trash can outside and leaving it against the side wall instead
• Dusting pictures so vigorously that the plaster crumbles around the nails, requiring me to re-plaster, re-paint and then re-hang the pictures
• Hiding the dishes (well, OK, maybe not hiding, but not bothering to put like with like, so I can’t find anything – if all the Tupperware is in one place, don’t you think that’s where you would put any other Tupperware?)
• Leaving a dryer full of clothes because she is in a hurry
• Not cleaning the cobwebs from the ceiling

OK. So I am looking for excuses here. I admit it. Esperanza is so nice and cheery and has such a great attitude. But dammit. I tried hair spray and a magic cleaner on the most-scribbled-on pillow this afternoon (figuring it was already ruined, so was I going to ruin it any more?) and I couldn’t get the ink out.

If it were just the pillows that had ink on them, it wouldn’t be such a big deal because I could just get new pillows, but how am I supposed to get the ink off the couch? I know I told Esperanza that she is going to have to pay to fix everything, but I am not going to make a cleaning lady who makes $60 a day (maybe $120) give me $1,000 to re-upholster my couch, even though it’s her fault that it is ruined.

But neither am I going to risk further damage to my house. She has no one to watch Isabel while she works, so of course she will bring Isabel with her. I don’t think I should have to childproof my house when I have no children just in case someone else’s kid gets a ballpoint pen – how did she get her hands on it, anyhow? All of my pens are way out of reach of a toddler.

This is maddening. I do not want to have to spend my precious little free time doing heavy housecleaning – but the time I have spent cleaning up after Esperanza is probably as much time as I would spend washing the floors and cleaning the windows. And at least if I destroy my house, I have only myself to blame.

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