Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The meaning of life, perhaps?

posted Tue, 08 Feb 2005

My usual strategy when my car starts to make weird noises is to turn the radio up louder. Usually, that works and my car miraculously heals itself.

But the other day, I discovered a spring coiled and waiting to strike on the floor of my car. Whence the spring? I asked myself. But turning the radio louder gave me no answers.

This weekend, I found two big white buttons in my washing machine.

I have no idea of their provenance.

I avoid clothes with buttons as they usually imply fabric not stretchy enough to get onto my body without being unbuttoned and hence implying further the need for ironing. I have hardly anything with buttons. My jeans – and that’s about it.

Has someone been sneaking into my house to do laundry?

Are the buttons and the spring connected? Are they a secret code? Are spacemen trying to communicate with me, give me the secret to world peace, and am I ruining it all by listening to Rush talk a little louder?

I want to know.

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