Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wouldn`t mind if Frank Langella bit me

posted Fri, 27 May 2005

At PE this morning, Tony was hassling me – as usual – about my kabuki face sunscreen. “This is the result of the medical advice I give,” he told one of the black students. “Be careful. It’s Michael Jackson syndrome.”

When I was harassing him about a story he was telling, he told me to be quiet or he was going to yank my hat off and show my nasty hair. “I have great hair,” I told him.

Once the sun is up, I must retreat to my coffin.
Source: http://myweb.wvnet.edu/e-gor/tvhorrorhosts/grafix/vampira.jpg

“Then I will throw you in the sun,” he warned.

“I will die if you do that,” I answered.

“Tell her you’ll lock her in a tanning bed,” yelled the guy next to me.

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