Sunday, January 31, 2010

If you can`t have kids like Jordan and Jillian, then don`t have any at all

posted Wed, 15 Jun 2005

Jordan and Jillian hard at work, cleaning my car with a dustbuster, paper towels, and rainwater.

These girls have been raised right. All children should be taught to ask for chores when they have dinner at the homes of their parents’ friends. What a charming thing for them to do. The next night, when we met for dinner at CafĂ© Ole, Jillian tugged on my dress. “Miss Class Factotum, when are you going to give us that list?”

“List?” I asked.

“Of chores!” she said impatiently.

I remembered. I had told her the night before that I didn’t have any more chores after the car and the pile of grass and sod in the front yard that they had moved to the compost heap in the back, but that I would keep a list for the next time they visited.

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