Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tickle me Elmo

posted Thu, 26 May 2005

My mom wrote that she saw a girl of about 13 or 14 at mass last week wearing clothes she (my mother) thought inappropriate for church. The girl was in a very short skirt and a cropped shirt. You could see the tattoo on her back because the shirt did not cover her midriff. It also appeared that the girl had forgotten, in her rush to get to the church on time, to put on undergarments.

My mother commented to the man holding the door open after mass that perhaps the girl’s outfit was not the best one for church. The man answered icily that Jesus wore sandals, my mother should not be judgmental, and that the girl was his beautiful daughter.

I agree with my mother. Not that she should be commenting on someone else’s outfit to a stranger – she should save those comments for her friends and family! – but that semi-nudity is best reserved for – for – well, you know, the beach or someplace like that.

Not only that, but to quote the great Manolo, “Manolo says, the Kelly Clarkson, she must learn that the public baring of the belly it is the privilege, not the right.”

Heck, at St Peter’s in Rome, they won’t let you in if you are wearing a sleeveless blouse or a short skirt! I was told my skirt was too short when I was there the first time in 1992. I tugged it down a few inches so they would let me in.

The dad here is the big problem. The girl should know better but the only way she would know better is if her parents had taught her. Instead, her father, who should be protecting his daughter, is flaunting her sexuality. How many good fathers prefer to see their daughters in miniskirts instead of burlap sacks? This poor girl is going to have bigger problems later.

A colleague told me that when his three girls got into junior high, they would try to sneak out of the house every morning in little shirts that would show their tummies. He wouldn’t let them leave before they had passed his test: they had to raise their arms completely over their heads – and their tummies had to remain covered. If the tummy became exposed, it was back upstairs to change clothes.

“There are enough creeps out there trying to get my girls,” he explained. “I don’t need to wrap them up with a bow.”

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