Monday, January 25, 2010

When a man is tired of Willie and Waylon, he is tired of life

posted Wed, 25 May 2005

This will come as a great shock to the four of you readers who do not know me in real life or who are not my mother’s friends (my mother, my syndicator), but I am not as perfect as I might appear to be in my writings. But everyone gets to be a hero in her own story.

At the dry cleaner last night, the clerk asked if I was going to watch “American Idol.” I told her no. She asked why not. I finally had to admit I don’t have a TV. It’s something I usually don’t tell people because of the reaction I get.

Step back and Gasp of Horror. “You don’t have a TV?”


“What do you do? How do you keep up with what’s going on?”

I refrained from pointing out that watching “American Idol” is hardly “keeping up with what’s going on.” I didn’t quiz her on her position on the latest judicial nominations, the filibuster, the Republican sellout, fetal stem cell research and federal funding, illegal aliens, M’town’s budget deficit, the proposed increase in property taxes and other current issues.

I didn’t ask her what she does besides watch TV. I didn’t ask if she reads, if she gardens, if she exercises, if she blogs (God knows that can eat your time), if she fixes things around her house, if she goes to the movies, if she does any volunteer work, if she meets her friends for lunch.

When I lived in Miami, I wasn’t as polite. I would ask, “What do I do? I take Portuguese classes twice a week. I tutor algebra. I swim before work. What do you do?”

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