Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At least the CEO got a big raise

posted Thu, 20 Oct 2005

In other news, my employer has decided it can live without me.

Well. Not without me, exactly.

As I was walking home from the mechanic’s yesterday, a drunk said, “Can I ask you a question?” I snapped, “If you’re going to ask for money, don’t bother. I just lost my job. And it’s my birthday and I didn’t get a single birthday card, not even from my mother.” I wanted to rant further and tell him that if he wanted money, he should get a job like the rest of us, but then I realized that pretty soon, I wouldn’t have a job.

Without my position. My position has been eliminated.

I knew this was coming. I am on a project team to implement a new system. Eventually, this system will be implemented and the need for my job will be gone.

However, my boss and his boss decided my work here was done, even though the project is nowhere near finished.

And really, they’re right. The big strategic part of what I am doing, the identification of the problem, the design of the solution, the project plan, and the majority of the implementation – the parts I’m really good at – are done. Now it’s just the maintenance and the piddly details, which, really, are the parts I hate. These parts can be done by someone at a much lower level – and salary – than I am.

My boss and his boss are trying to find me another position within the company, but considering that the CEO announced a 20% reduction in salaried headcount three days before I was told I was redundant, I am not holding my breath.

What’s interesting is how other people here have reacted to the news. My immediate co-workers are stunned. They easily see themselves in my place. One guy has even accepted a job with another company. He said it was my being laid off that pushed him to the decision, even though he has been with this company for 14 years – his entire career.

Most are sympathetic and shocked. But others – some more – how shall I say it? – career conscious and on the way up – have not even acknowledged my situation and indeed have begun to distance themselves from me. It’s really interesting. People I thought were my friends (only a few, mind you) are now rather standoffish. I have become a political liability.

This job loss is not all bad. I have been needing to get away from this company for a long time (like almost since I started working here). I won’t starve. At least, not right away. (And even a ten-pound starvation wouldn’t be so bad.) I live in fear that something like this will happen, so I don’t live anywhere near my means. Most of my money goes in the bank. But I hate the uncertainty of a murky future and I really hate the process of looking for a new job. Ick.

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