Wednesday, February 3, 2010

At least she took the EDS job

posted Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Voicemail message 1: “Class Factotum, this is LizBeth in Corporate Recruiting. Lucy X. told me the reason she is not accepting the job with Consolidated Buggy Whips is because she talked to you. I am concerned. Please call me at extension 1234.”

Voicemail message 2: “Class Factotum, this is Lucy. I hope I did not get you into trouble, but LizBeth wanted to know why I did not accept the offer from Consolidated Buggy Whips. I told her I heard about the layoffs. She got upset and said those were just rumors and asked who had told me. I gave her your name. I am so sorry. I am so worried she will do something to you.”

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