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posted Tue, 20 Sep 2005

I just had my hair cut and even though I get on a plane for vacation in less than 72 hours, I have not taken the scissors to my hair myself.

I think this shows great personal growth since the last time right before I left on vacation.

The last time in my life I had long hair. And it didn’t even look that good. My mom was right – I should have let her trim an inch or two off the ends.
Photo credit: The Big Factotum

I think it also shows an awareness of the fact that I do not wish to be fired by my hairdresser, although getting a new hairdresser would solve that pesky problem of sharing one with my friend Mary, who has now scooped me twice on my own gossip with Geri.

She tattled on me last month on my home haircut when I was so worried about being chewed out for cutting my own hair.

Then today, I was going to drop the bomb on Geri about my trip to Paris to see Gomez.


I walked in at 4:30. (Yes, I left work early. Anyone who is counting my hours can be happy that I had my butt at my desk at 7:30 and worked straight through until 4:00. That is 8 ½ hours, thank you very much.)

Geri was quite casual, although she did tell me she thought my stories about the trip were hilarious – I had printed out all my posts about Morocco. (She doesn’t have a computer – can you imagine???)

I was getting all ready to tell her about the Paris trip – giving the proper build up – when she blurted out, “So you’re leaving for Paris on Friday? Omigosh that is SO COOL!”

My jaw dropped. “How did you know?”

“Mary was in here earlier. She told me.”

Well damn. I told Mary on Sunday. The salon is closed on Monday. The window of opportunity was not too big here.

“But I wanted to tell you,” I said.

“Well, honey,” Geri consoled me, “You did tell me about Mary’s biopsy.”

“Yes, but that was different,” I whined. “Besides, I thought you already knew.”

“Nope. When she told me about it today, I had to keep a perfectly straight face and pretend I didn’t know.”

Oh! But she didn’t have to pretend she didn’t know with my news. That is unfair.

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