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posted Wed, 28 Sep 2005

I have started the list. It’s short and the items are easy, because really, Gomez doesn’t have much that needs to be fixed.

Oh, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. All women do this. This is the list of things to be fixed about a man if the relationship goes anywhere. I still don’t know if things will go anywhere with Gomez, but if they do, we’ll need to make just a few minor, teeny corrections. Nothing major – just things like no TV during meals, quitting smoking, getting in shape – easy stuff.

Every man can be improved with just a little work.
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He already has the basics mastered – the stuff that can’t be fixed for love or money: he’s tidy, he’s nice to everyone, he’s even-tempered, he’s generous, he holds doors open, he is practical about money. Easy to be a cheap-ass jerk when you've never had to earn a penny of what you spend.

I don’t think we would ever agree on US foreign policy and he thinks he knows more about US social issues and poverty in New Orleans than I do just because he used to be an economist and advisor to the World Bank, but just because he knows the numbers does not mean he knows the social pathologies behind the numbers. (Can you tell we argued about this last night?)

He's almost just right.

Oh I was sooooooo wrong. Soooooo wrong. He took me out to eat twice. Once to lunch, once with some friends of his who did speak English but decided it was too much trouble, so the three of them spoke French all night. My French is basic. So I was left out of the conversation. Plus there was the little part about everyone in the restaurant was smoking like chimneys, including the people next to me who went through - I joke not - an entire pack of cigarettes in an hour.

The friends drove us to the restaurant and offered to take us back to the apartment, but Gomez said no, they could drop us off two blocks away. I pointed out that I was wearing high heels and would like to be dropped off at the apartment. The friends said OK, but Gomez said, No, no! At the traffic circle was fine! I said really, I would rather not walk in these heels, but Gomez did not want to trouble his friends to drive TWO EXTRA BLOCKS.

Oh I was AN IDIOT.

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