Monday, February 22, 2010

French revolution

Why are we at the supermarket, you ask? Because Gomez does not want to go out to eat. IN PARIS. No, he gets sooooo tired of eating out. Because he is in the hotel business, you see. He wants to eat in. So we eat in. At lunch, he drinks a bottle of wine. Then he puts on his PJs and takes a nap all afternoon. Then we go to his bank. Or The Gap. Then we eat supper. In the apartment. With a bottle of wine. I do not drink. We are IN PARIS. I PUT UP WITH THIS.

How stupid was I?

posted Tue, 27 Sep 2005

So what exactly do the French have against consumers? Nothing is designed for the efficiency of the user. Nothing.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is designed for – well, I used to think it was optimized for the efficiency of operations, but now I don’t even think that any more. It’s sure not designed with the passenger in mind.

When you arrive, you park several hundred yards away from the terminal. You wait on the plane for a shuttle bus, which then takes you to Immigration and Customs (you have to climb up stairs for that, so forget it if you arrive in a wheelchair).

Once you are done there, you are on your own trying to find transport into the city. The signage is awful. The information people have no information. You have to walk forever to get to where you want.

When you walk into a shop in Paris, if the clerks are busy, they will ignore you. Not even an acknowledgement. Eye contact would be good. “Hello” and indication that you will be served when it is your turn would be better.

At the supermarket last night, there were 12 people in the express checkout line. Only three other lines were open. This was peak hours – everyone was just getting off work. Perhaps they could have opened other lines? You think?

If I were running this country….

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