Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey baby -- do you live around here?

posted Sat, 13 Aug 2005

On the flight from Rabat to Paris, I sat next to this Lebanese guy who lived in Paris for a while, then in Canada for nine years and now in Rabat. He is 27. We had some interesting conversation about politics and about how he picks up women in Rabat.

Morocco is a Muslim country, although there are Catholic churches all over the place – remember, the French managed to finagle their way into running things for a while. So even though it is Muslim, it is not as Muslim as say, Saudi Arabia. In Morocco, you can buy condoms, beer and pork in the grocery store – that would never happen in Saudi.

This is not exactly how the women in Rabat dress (the ones who do cover themselves – some wear Western clothes on the street), but you get the idea. Just because they are covered doesn’t mean they don’t put out. These are women in a small mountain village.

At the same time, though, as far as I could tell, you don’t have singles bars or bars at all. Even the cafés are segregated. The men sit together at the tables on the sidewalks. You don’t see women sitting out there (unless you saw me and Megan).

Even the grocery stores are not someplace where you could pick up someone – shopping is a family affair. Mom, dad and the kids all go to the store together, which is nice in a certain way, but which takes any efficiency out of shopping.

I asked the Lebanese guy where one goes to meet women in Rabat. No singles bars, not in the cafés, not at the mosque (men and women worship separately).

Oh, it’s easy! he told me. If I see a pretty girl when I’m driving, I ask her if she needs a ride home. She sees me. I have a decent car – I’m reasonably attractive. She accepts. I take her home, get her number, it goes from there. Moroccan girls are – accommodating.

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