Friday, February 5, 2010

Home sweet home

posted Tue, 28 Jun 2005

My friend Lindley is an interior decorator. I met her through the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group that Megan, Leigh and I founded to meet men. (It worked for Megan – she met Steve, who was a volunteer in Chad, and they are now happily causing trouble in Morocco after having closed the Peace Corps programs in China, Nepal and Uzbekistan, where Megan was the business officer.)

Lindley’s husband, Tim, was a volunteer somewhere in Africa. Lindley says the only ministry to the poor she ever did was when she was a designer for Ralph Lauren in New York and she had to go to the Hamptons.

Anyhow, we became fast friends as soon as we met. As an interior decorator, Lindley knows everyone in town related to furniture and fabrics. She recommended someone to clean the ink from my sofa. (From when my former cleaning lady’s little girl drew on my white sofa with a pen in January.)

When Tamara got to my house yesterday, she walked in, looked around, and asked, “So. How do you know Lindley?”

As in, “Obviously not as your decorator.”

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