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Let`s talk about sex

posted Mon, 12 Sep 2005

Nope, not that kind of sex. My mom reads this site. You guys should know better than that by now!

I’m talking about the kind of sex they put on forms. You know – where you check “M” or “F.” Or where you used to check. Now they put “gender” instead.

“Gender” isn’t sex. Gender is about nouns in Spanish. Although I never have understood why a table is feminine and a problem is masculine.

Well, actually, I do sort of get that second one. (Joke, guys! Joke!)

But why doesn’t anyone want to identify “male” and “female” as being sexes any more? You know, that you are born a certain way. Yep, that’s a boy, all right. And that one’s a girl!

(Yes, yes, yes, I know that in certain rare cases, they just can’t tell. In an issue of Esquire or some magazine like that a few months ago, there was a short article about a guy who has never left the US because s/he is intersex and doesn’t know what to put on his passport. Technically, s/he could choose to go one way or another, but has decided not to.)

Why do they want it to be “gender?” A “social construct?”

Oh. Wait. I think I am beginning to understand. It’s the post-modernists, isn’t it? Or whoever – the deconstructionists. The ones who believe that nothing is hardwired. That all is environomental – it’s all nurture and no nature. That we are all blank slates.

(And that evil doesn’t really exist, but I am not going to go there. I am going more in the direction of if we dress all babies in green and yellow, we will never have war and no one will ever want to paint her toenails.)

If we are not born male or female, then we are made to be male or female. All those “characteristics” that put us into a particular “gender” construct are “externally” imposed.

These people are nuts! Have they never watched toddlers at play? Even my most ardent feminist friends had to change their minds about this part of their dogma once they had baby boys and those boys took Barbie dolls and turned them into guns.

The other thing they do on these forms is ask for race.

What did my race have to do with taking a night class in Portuguese through the Miami-Dade adult education program? I tried leaving the space blank, but they refused to take my money until I filled it in.

Yes, I know that’s crazy.

So I wrote “human.”

And that’s what I have put ever since.

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