Monday, February 15, 2010

Odds and ends

posted Tue, 09 Aug 2005

I’ve been busy and am in a hurry now. I don’t have time to compose the brilliant prose to which you’ve become accustomed (and that you deserve). I have a date with the owner of the hotel where Megan and Steve stayed for their first month here. More on that tomorrow. Perhaps. If you’re nice.

The stray cats you see everywhere here are approachable. They are quite happy to be scratched and petted. And, as usual, they find all the best places to nap.

Muslim graves face Mecca. Christian graves, as far as I have been able to tell, face east. If anyone knows more about Christian graves, let me know.

Last night at the hypermarché, Megan and I ran into one of the Moroccan ladies who was on the train with us Sunday from Marrakech. She is in Rabat to visit her son, who is a university professor. It truly is (cliché warning) a small world.

All businesses (or perhaps just stores) in Morocco are required to post a photo of the king or be fined. I saw one photo today of the king with his baby. The queen is a knockout.

This is the queen. Apparently, she is a commoner. The king, on the other hand, is descended from Mohammed (or so he says). Yes, that Mohammed. BTW, Morocco was the first country to recognize the US after we declared independence from Britain. The first US Embassy was in Morocco.

While I was getting a pedicure yesterday, the owner of the shop looked at my hair. I know I did a bad job of giving myself a haircut before I left for Morocco, but it doesn’t look that bad. I had been wearing a hat all day, I had been sweating, I hadn’t blown it dry. I don’t think I needed the comment, “Would you like me to do something about your hair?”

The theme from “Flashdance” is the KC and the Sunshine Band of Morocco.

The Roman ruins at Volubilis are better than the ones at Pompeii. I’ll tell you about the Berber surprise tomorrow. Maybe. Once I get over my embarrassment.

The temperature in Kuwait was 48° C yesterday. Think about our soldiers in Iraq. Without air conditioning. In uniforms and other gear. Be grateful and think of them and their families.

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