Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Salsa is a macho dance."

posted Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Becky and I went to the salsa class again tonight. It was a lot better, except some of the guys decided to really get into the spirit of the thing and douse themselves in cologne. Overall, I would say that the total consumption of cologne in the US is the same as it is in Latin America, it’s just that in the US, it is distributed evenly across the population and in Latin America, it is skewed at one end of the curve. So where you might have a bunch of US guys each wearing a little bit of cologne, you would have most latino men wearing none at all, but one in one hundred wearing a ton of it.

We did a lot better on the steps, although the twisty hip move ones were challenging. Becky and I have Norwegian blood, thanks to our grandpa Ole. Our hips do not move separately from the rest of our bodies. We are a stiff people. We are not bred for Latin dance or anything that involves sensual movement. We are bred to survive cold winters.

Most of the guys were really nice and pretty good dancers, but we ran into the same few weird ones. The “look into my eyes” guy was there again. He’d expanded his repertoire to include telling me what to do. This time, in addition to pointing to his eyes and to the floor, he pulled his mouth into a smile to indicate I should turn that frown upside down.

I really, really hate it when men tell me to smile.

I really hate it. I won’t go into this issue, but I know other women share my feelings on this. Just who the hell do these men think they are, telling me what to feel and express?

There was also this nerd I didn’t have to dance with last time who spent the whole time explaining to me why he couldn’t do any of the steps. With bad breath. He had pasty soft hands and Todd pants pulled up over his waist.

Becky and I have decided we don’t need any more lessons. As long as we are dancing with a man who knows what he is doing, we can follow. We just need to go out salsa dancing. Unfortunately, this involves staying up past 9:00 at night, so it might be a challenge.

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